About Serotonin Akademi

We’ve discovered through experience that the medical world and the movement world should share their knowledge and act together. Serotonin’s founder Dr. Işık Akgöl’s 22 years of medical and 8 years of pilates experience raised the need of training sufficient exercise professionals so that she can entrust them with her patients. The internal educations that Dr. Işık Akgöl and her team created to better themselves outgrew Serotonin Pilates and gave birth to Serotonin Akademi.

The objective of Serotonin Akademi is to train professionals with the principles and instruments of:
Enhancing performance, avoiding future injuries and working with clients suffering from disorders; by teaching: good anatomy, good biomechanics, good pathomechanics and good exercise knowledge.

At bottom, we are offering the exercise professionals and body workers a new position for them to lead their fields.

Who can benefit from our programs?
Pilates instructors,
Fitness instructors,
Yoga trainers,
Dance instructors,
Massage therapists,
And other body workers.